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Shenzhen Tingfeng Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
Multispecialty supplier
Main categories: Metal Dome, Battery Contact, Spring, Stamping Parts, CNC Lathe
Quality management certifiedYears in industry(12)Offline trade shows attended(3times)On-site material inspection

Shenzhen Tingfeng Hardware Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. Since 2011, Shenzhen Zhongli Hardware Co., Ltd., has become our most powerful partner factory and developed hand in hand with us. Both companies and the factory are located in Shenzhen, a special economic zone of China. We are mainly engaged in metal domes, battery contacts, springs, stamped hardware, CNC lathe parts, screws, nuts, etc. Our products are widely used in digital products, electric appliances, home appliances, medical instruments, machinery, robots, hardware accessories of military engineering products, and other industries. With a variety of advanced production equipment, the factory currently has CNC lathes, precision computer spring machinery, high-speed precision punch equipment, boasting advanced testing equipment, including projectors, and CCD vision inspection machines. We use all kinds of high-quality imported raw materials, with professional technicians and excellent engineers, and improve operation and management based on standards. As one of the ISO9001: 2008 certified companies, we are cost-effective and productivity-enhancing, with the most advanced equipment, the best quality raw materials, top-notch talents, and the most effective management system, aiming to provide superb products and services to satisfy our customers. Therefore, we have won high praise from peers in the industry and become one of their qualified suppliers.

In addition to the brother company's cooperative factory production base, the company also cooperates with many domestic sizeable, well-known stainless steel fastener manufacturers and brands, and is committed to building a one-stop procurement and service platform for hardware accessories.